Book a Consultation

Thank you for your interest in booking a consultation with Esé Azénabor. Consultations are for clients looking for custom wedding dresses, reception dresses/evening wear or to try on or Prêt Mariée samples. If you're interested in our ready to wear items, please visit our shop page.  


Book your consultation HERE. Be sure to read the agreement carefully. Video consultations are an option if you're not local.

Bespoke Bridal

Bespoke bridal is our true custom option where you can create your one of a kind gown with a sit down the with our designer Esé in person or virtually . Our bespoke bridal gowns can take 8 months to 16 months to create depending on the design. Any garment needed in a shorter amount of time would be subjected to a 10%-15% rush free depending on when the dress is needed.

Prêt Mariée - Hauté Couture Collection

Our Prêt Mariée Couture Bridal Collection are pre-designed by our designer Esé Grembowski. Gowns from this collection are custom made to all measurements for each bride, they can be made exactly like the design, or can be customized or personalized to bring your dream dress to life. This collection of gowns can be viewed HERE. Our Prêt Mariée samples are available to try on in our showroom. To discuss more detailed information regarding a dress or pricing, a showroom appointment or video appointment should be made.